All Samsung Galaxy S21 models do not support “Seamless updates”.

Seamless updates or translated into Thai as Seamless updates Which will run in the background Makes it smooth to update the phone firmware and doesn’t interfere with current usage. But recent reports indicate that all Galaxy S21 models will not yet support the said feature.

The Seamless updates function was introduced for the first time alongside Android Nougat on a Pixel smartphone from Google in 2016.

The working principle is Divided into 2 partitions, when we boot into the system it will use partition A as the primary partition as usual. And when the phone is updated via OTA it will happen on partition B, which is the secondary partition in the background.

While the new firmware is being installed Therefore, we can continue to use the mobile phone without any distraction. And after the next boot It will swap B partition (which has been updated) to be the primary partition instead. Partition A becomes the secondary partition. Keep going like this every time there is an update.

Working in this way significantly shortens the time for each firmware update. Google previously stated a requirement for smartphone manufacturers to run Android 11 “to support Seamless updates” in the CDD (Compatibility Definition Document) document, but that requirement was later removed. (For now, it only says that it should support it, but is not required)

From the examination of the foreign media, it can be confirmed that All Galaxy S21 series phones from Samsung will still not support Seamless updates, which is a pity, as this feature will provide some convenience for users.

Source: GSMArena

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